Is it bedtime yet?

Dinner is in the Instant Pot.  The girls are curled up on the couch watching some weird You Tube show.  Scott is at a parent meeting for one of their select softball teams, where the younger one should be tonight but isn’t because she got vertigo during her school field trip to the science center looking up at the “spinning stars.”  I spent most of my day tying up loose ends for my clinic work before the Thanksgiving break.  Technology was not our friend on campus today.  There was some update that changed the things and we don’t like it when the things change…leave our things alone!  I did get client letters out and drafts in for approval before the end of business, so neither my clinic partner or I will have to go into work tomorrow.  Three whole days “off” from work and law school.

Except “off” doesn’t actually  mean relax.  One of the maintenance guys from Scott’s work is coming to haul the old sofa off to the dump, which means I have to be up early to clean the living room.  It needs doing.  Plus, that means it will be ready for Christmas decorating.  I’m baking an apple pie, which is fun.  I am excited to be able to host family Thanksgivings again starting next year.  It’s been a nice few years off while I’ve been in law school.  I need to finish a take-home exam.  I should probably start outlining and prepping for finals this weekend too.  Post-it notes are my best friend!

Lupron this cycle, so far, has not been too bad.  I wonder if that’s because of my change in diet or acupuncture.  Maybe a little bit of both?  I’ll take it.  I’m tired, but I’m not sure the Lupron has anything to do with it.  I think the end of a semester is more to blame.  I am so hopeful that this ERA testing will be the key to FET success this time around.  It’s difficult to not feel like I’m failing everyone who loves me every single time it doesn’t work.  The kids want a little brother or sister.  Scott desperately wants a child of his own, and he loves my kids so much and is such a wonderful dad to them that I simply cannot imagine not being able to give him one.  It’s something I struggle with daily.  My rational mind knows no one blames me.  My emotions do not.

I am so looking forward to the holidays.  I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my family.

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