We Bought a HOUSE!!

I’ve been swamped, and quite frankly didn’t feel like writing.  I started the Lupron for our upcoming FET on Saturday; I am still spotting though, which is super annoying.  I am so very hopeful for this cycle!  I survived the first week of my last semester of law school, and have enjoyed the four-day weekend catching up on sleep.  My nerve and neck pain are all but gone, and I am feeling strong and able to face the week.  It helps that it is only 3 days long, and we got really awesome news today.

We decided to move forward on the house we fell in love with, had a pre-inspection done on Sunday, and put our offer in.  They countered once and we accepted!  I absolutely love this house.  It’s not our forever home; It’s way too big at 3000 square feet, but we will be here for at least five to ten years depending on how long our older children want to live at home.

Pictures to come soon!


Swollen Ankles

I got a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling pretty fresh.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are short days for me; I’m only at school from 7:30 until 4:00.  Classes went fine today, and my neck/face was totally manageable with a couple of doses of Advil.  I’m happy to see many of my favorite people in class this semester, on our way out.  My only complaint today is that my ankles are swollen, and I am still spotting a bit.  I have no clue why my ankles are so swollen.  Maybe because I’ve given up coffee and diet coke after five weeks of indulging?  Hopefully, it is temporary.

Youngest was home sick from school today.  She has a tummy bug.  Scott was feeling under the weather as well.  We are closer to putting in an offer on the house we toured the last weekend.  I really hope it doesn’t sell before we get everything put together.  It’s the perfect fit for us right now.  It’s not our dream home, but it keeps the kids in their schools and it’s large enough to accommodate family growth.  Plus, it’s almost new and doesn’t need ANY upgrading or fixes.  We are trying not to hope too hard.  Between this house and the upcoming FET, there’s just so too much.  Trying to be positive without getting too emotionally invested.

I think I can, I think I can…

My Mondays and Wednesdays are 12  hour days at school/work.  I am wiped OUT.  I am already buried in work, trying to schedule out how to keep up and still be available for my family and keep my stress levels low (yeah right) for FET.  I did take frequent breaks and walked around, stretched, breathed today, but I can feel the stress creeping in.

I emailed my nurse to ask about the continued spotting, and was once again reassured that it’s completely normal and not anything to worry about in back-to-back medicated cycles.  She also said they would absolutely not transfer our last embryo unless everything looks perfect; try not to lawyer-brain everything.  I love our fertility clinic.

Tomorrow, I have 3 classes and work 2 hours.  I go in as usual at 7 and get out at 3:45.  I’m thinking I need to schedule massages on Thursday nights to go along with my Friday acupuncture.

This mama is going to go snuggle up with her husband and pass out.  Tomorrow is a new day.

The Night Before my Last First Day of Law School

Getting ready for bed.  I’ll post the pot roast recipe tomorrow.  I got through the bulk of what I needed to do today, and managed to complete day four of the chair exercise challenge.  I am about to pick up six more balls to juggle, and I know the stress is coming.  I am really trying to stay out in front of it all, practice relaxation and meditation, get some fresh air and exercise during my day instead of holing up in my office with no windows with my nose to the grindstone.  Go to acupuncture.  Get my massages.  I want so badly for this FET to work.  It’s so ironic.  In my 20’s when I was so fertile that even looking at someone would get me pregnant in spite of no sleep, hard-drinking, hard-working, and basically not taking care of myself in any way.  Now?  I am scheduling vitamins, acupuncture and transferring embryos on a personalized implantation window with the hope that it MIGHT work this time.  Life is funny.  Not always the ha-ha kind of funny.

I already miss my kids and husband.  Law school takes up so much of my time and mental energy.  125 days left.  I can do this.

Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats and Rooibos Tea

I head back to my final semester of law school tomorrow morning.  I leave the house about 6:30 am and leave campus at 7:30 pm on Monday and Wednesdays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave campus at 4:00 pm.  I pack my breakfast and lunch all four days.  This morning, I tried a new oatmeal recipe in the Instant Pot.  The family loved it!  I will be taking the leftovers (if there are any) for breakfast this week.  It was also day one of no coffee (Folks, I live in Seattle.  Not drinking coffee is so hard when  you can smell it EVERYWHERE).  I had a Celestial Seasonings Rooibos tea, Madagascar Vanilla flavored.  It was good.  It wasn’t coffee.  The things we do to get pregnant…

Here is a link to the recipe I used for the oatmeal.  I topped mine with a bit of Kerrygold butter, a drizzle of heavy cream, and stevia.  Middle topped hers with brown sugar.  Scott put milk in his.  Eldest didn’t want any and Youngest is still sound asleep.

Spiced Apple Steel Cut Oats

I have a load of homework to get through along with laundry, cooking, and everything else.  Planning on slow-roasting some beef for dinner with mashed potatoes.




Chicken Noodle Soup

Scott’s not feeling well, and Youngest has the sniffles.  Mom’s chicken noodle soup to the rescue!  As an aside, when I say we eat as clean as possible, I mean we avoid as much processed food as possible, eat organic produce whenever possible, grass fed free range hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy, and whole grains over white flour.  None of us are allergic to gluten.  No one is lactose intolerant.  We love full fat dairy.  We avoid sugar, but are realistic.  We try to get our sweets from fruit and natural sweeteners.  It’s not about losing weight or reducing calories for us.  It’s just about whole, natural food as much as possible.  Use whatever is right for you and yours. That being said, here is my recipe for chicken noodle soup.

Bone Broth (homemade if you have it, in a box if you don’t), Chicken Broth, celery, onion, garlic, carrots, chicken breast, salt, pepper, sage, turmeric, bay leaf, and some sort of pasta or rice.  Youngest doesn’t like whole grain pasta, so for this recipe I used the white fiber one that has a little more fiber than regular.  Sometimes life is about compromise 🙂 Don’t mind my Christmas decor, it’s coming down tomorrow!

I cut everything into tiny pieces.  I add some olive oil to a cast iron dutch oven over med-high heat and throw all the veggies in with the seasonings.  I let that cook a bit, then toss in the chicken.  Once the chicken starts to brown, and the veggies start to soften, I add in the bone broth and the chicken broth and let it come to a boil.  Once boiling, I add in the pasta and reduce the heat to low and let it simmer.  I was out of bay leaf tonight, so I left it out.

That’s it!  I let it cook until the pasta or rice is tender, then serve it up.  I always make a huge batch because it freezes well, and I take my lunch four days a week.

30 Day Jump-start and Acupuncture

In an effort to take better care of my body, I decided to add something new every  month.  I didn’t really do much at all since Thanksgiving, so I’m starting anew.  This 30 day period, my plan is 30 minutes of cardio.  Walking, jumping on the mini-trampoline, jumping jacks, whatever.  As long as I fit in a total of 30 minutes per day doing it.  I never stopped practicing yoga for stress relief, and will continue to do the fertility and relaxation poses I enjoy.  For strength this month, I am doing a chair exercise challenge I found on Pinterest.  I just finished the first day, and I am woefully weak and completely out of shape.  But I did it!  Here is a link to the challenge:  it has a slide show with instructions and pictures for each exercise.  30 Day Chair Exercise

I also went for my weekly acupuncture treatment today.  We discussed my next FET cycle, and I shared the horrible migraine and nerve pain I’ve been having.  I ended up passing out and snoring for most of the 45 minutes the needles were in.  I was a skeptic, but I have to say that my anxiety is much lessened.  Let’s hope it helps our little snowflake stick this time!

Today was a rough day for the youngest.  She inherited my lovely moderate-to-severe anxiety disorder.  This morning, as I blissfully enjoyed the last day I get to sleep in for a few months, she crawled in with me and snuggled up saying “I just need some extra snuggles before I go to school.”  Then began to cry.  Uh oh.  Turns out she’s sad that winter break is officially over and we are all going back to our busy lives.  I was a SAHM her whole life until law school.  All three kids have adjusted beautifully, but she misses her special time with her Mama.  So we talked it out and we are going to spend at least one hour a week, just us (and probably her step-dad).  She handles her anxiety so much better than I ever did.  In some ways, the younger generation has it right.  I worry though, that they aren’t getting a fair shake.  Once they are adults, the world stops coddling and protecting them and they are left bewildered and angry because they were never taught or allowed to feel the painful reality of adult life.  And the world has the audacity to call them snowflakes and ridicule them.  I feel for them, and hope that I’m striking some sort of balance between the “old school” world of the 70’s and 80’s I grew up in and the world they live in now.  These kids are my whole world, and I find myself crying too often when I feel I’m not doing my job and raising them.  Having a career outside the home was never what I wanted.  I wanted to be homemaker and mother and wife until they were grown.  Unfortunately, I am not able to pay the bills with that and I cannot allow myself to depend on my new husband for it either.  It leaves me feeling pulled in two directions and spread too thin, much too often.  It’s my hope that once the intense schedule I keep with school is over that I am able to find balance.

We also looked at a couple of houses tonight.  I like them both.  I’m so looking forward to putting down some roots here, and dreaming of raising that tiny frozen embryo at the clinic alongside his or her brother and sisters.  The youngest’s softball practice is over at 7; Middle’s starts at 7.  We drop Middle off and pick Youngest up.  It’s her special night with mom and Mr. Scott.  Wonder where we’ll end up for dinner.