Hello 2018!

I don’t do resolutions.  I do have some renewed goals.  Be kinder to myself.  Eat clean.  Eliminate as many toxins from my environment as relatively possible.  Laugh more.  Do better.  Drink my water.  Take my vitamins.  Get outside more.  Write more.

My ERA test cycle and finals went well.  I had a wonderful Christmas and beach trip with my family.  Grades haven’t posted, but assignments for my final semester have.  I have not gotten the results from the ERA, but have started my FET cycle.  BCP/Lupron overlap then delestrogen and PIO/Prometrium.  Right now, the target transfer date is the week of Valentine’s Day.  Another fall baby would be great 🙂  I’m looking forward to the ERA results;  apparently, it gives very specific recommendations like 15 hours more progesterone exposure (for an example of pre-receptive results).

The only downer is the massive shoulder/neck/facial nerve pain I’ve had the last two weeks.  It’s getting better with rest, but it has made the last couple weeks very exhausting.  I’m trying to be patient with my body and allow it to heal.  It’s hard.  Scott has been taking great care of me and the house, but he goes back to work tomorrow.  Kids go back to school Wednesday.  I really just want to feel better so I can get things around the house done.  Be kinder to myself…the housework can wait.  Exercise can wait.  I wish pain wasn’t so exhausting.  Laying around is depressing.  We are watching Chappelle’s new Netflix special.  Laughter and good stimulation helps so much.

Not much to say today.  Hope for a better day tomorrow, and for the ERA results.

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