Eye Exam and My F#@king Neck

Yesterday, I had my first eye exam since beginning law school almost three years ago.  I fully expected my prescription to be much worse, as I have lost my ability to read up close.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out my eyes are healthy, and my prescription has not changed at all.  I have one really bad eye with astigmatism that I’ve worn a +6 contact in since eighth grade, and one eye with 20/20 vision.  As it turns out, I’m just in my mid-forties and need some readers.  It could be worse!

I’ve gotten three of my grades back so far, and everything looks fine.  Two more to come in for last semester.  I expect my GPA to rise slightly, but I remain a solid “B” student.  I am perfectly happy with that.   I never expected to be okay with a B average, since I have never gotten less than a 3.8 GPA in my entire academic career.  However, law school is a fickle, different beast, and the effort I would have to expend at the expense of my children and well-being is simply not worth it to me.  Whether I graduate with a B average or an A average – I still graduate and get my J.D.  It’s more important that I get through it and into bar studies and pass the bar exam.  The career I’m envisioning does not involve Big Law, and the grades that mattered for that were way back at the end of the first semester of 1L year.  Incidentally, I’ve never bothered going to an OCI.  I attend a very social justice oriented school, which is great in some respects.  I am interested and intend to practice in tax, estate, and/or contract/business law.  There aren’t a whole lot of resources for that at my law school.  If you want to be a public defender, or work for the AG?  Pro-Bono?  They have tons of stuff for you.  Immigration?  Civil Rights?  ACLU?  They’re all over it.  Mention tax and you get a general recommendation to talk to CPD and sign up for the WSBA sections you’re interested in and start contacting those attorneys.  I have two goals this year regarding my career:  finish law school, and pass the damned bar exam.  That’s it.  I’ll worry about finding a job once I have my bar card.

My neck is better, but I am still hella frustrated.  I cannot do ANYTHING without triggering it.  I have roughly 600 pages of reading to do, and when I try to do it, my neck screams in protest from the angle I hold my head.  I’ve tried raising my lap desk to eye-level, and so far that is the least aggravating to the nerves, but unless I am doing absolutely NOTHING at all, I feel pain.  I have things to do!  Christmas is still all over the house, I have the above-mentioned reading due by Tuesday with additional stuff due by Wed/Thurs, and my  house and laundry…well, I won’t even go there.  I might cry.  I am slowly trudging through it, taking lots of breaks to stretch and rest my neck.  I feel like I will never get anything done.  I miss yoga.  I’m going to take a nap instead and hope that when I wake up, I will be able to get another chunk of reading done.  I’m starting to have major anxiety about my workload and my neck never getting better.

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