The Night Before my Last First Day of Law School

Getting ready for bed.  I’ll post the pot roast recipe tomorrow.  I got through the bulk of what I needed to do today, and managed to complete day four of the chair exercise challenge.  I am about to pick up six more balls to juggle, and I know the stress is coming.  I am really trying to stay out in front of it all, practice relaxation and meditation, get some fresh air and exercise during my day instead of holing up in my office with no windows with my nose to the grindstone.  Go to acupuncture.  Get my massages.  I want so badly for this FET to work.  It’s so ironic.  In my 20’s when I was so fertile that even looking at someone would get me pregnant in spite of no sleep, hard-drinking, hard-working, and basically not taking care of myself in any way.  Now?  I am scheduling vitamins, acupuncture and transferring embryos on a personalized implantation window with the hope that it MIGHT work this time.  Life is funny.  Not always the ha-ha kind of funny.

I already miss my kids and husband.  Law school takes up so much of my time and mental energy.  125 days left.  I can do this.

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