I think I can, I think I can…

My Mondays and Wednesdays are 12  hour days at school/work.  I am wiped OUT.  I am already buried in work, trying to schedule out how to keep up and still be available for my family and keep my stress levels low (yeah right) for FET.  I did take frequent breaks and walked around, stretched, breathed today, but I can feel the stress creeping in.

I emailed my nurse to ask about the continued spotting, and was once again reassured that it’s completely normal and not anything to worry about in back-to-back medicated cycles.  She also said they would absolutely not transfer our last embryo unless everything looks perfect; try not to lawyer-brain everything.  I love our fertility clinic.

Tomorrow, I have 3 classes and work 2 hours.  I go in as usual at 7 and get out at 3:45.  I’m thinking I need to schedule massages on Thursday nights to go along with my Friday acupuncture.

This mama is going to go snuggle up with her husband and pass out.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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