I started testing at 5 days past 5 day transfer, (the transfer was on Valentine’s Day).  I have been getting faint positive pregnancy tests all week.  Today we got multiple positives on a number of regular tests, and a positive on the digital.  We are cautiously over-the-moon happy, but not out of the woods.  Our first beta (blood) test is Saturday at 8, and as long as my hcg level is >5 still at that point, I will go back Monday for a repeat.  So long as my levels progress at the correct rate, we can relax and at least hope everything goes smoothly from then on.  But for today, we are definitely pregnant and we are definitely thankful that the ERA resulted in a positive pregnancy test.  27858624_10212370091540867_1681646833145195427_n



PIO and Nightmares!

Just a quick update on my upcoming FET.  I started PIO shots and Prometrium (taken vaginally) at 12:45 am Saturday morning.  I was able to move them back by an hour each day until I got to my normal bedtime around 10:45 pm.  My acupuncturist told me that the balloon-like swelling and joint pain I was having was likely due to the Lupron, which I stopped on Friday the 9th, and that the progesterone would help with that.  It did.  Lower extremity swelling is almost gone, but starting that first dose I have had the weirdest, most vivid, usually nightmare, dreams!  It’s flat-out crazy how crazy these dreams are!!  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  My joint pain is lessening every day,  and the highly emotional state I was in is abating a little bit.  I am trying to not get my hopes up too high for this transfer.  The let-down when it doesn’t work is so hard.  I’m taking Thursday off, (as is Scotty) so I will have a full 5 days to recover and take it easy after the transfer.  Mostly I’ll be putting things away at the new house.  Don’t worry, no lifting for me!

I got the last few things gathered today to be able to complete and submit my bar application this week.  I’m excited and more than a little scared!  We also got some real progress made on the move this past weekend.  Things are slowly, but surely, coming together.



FET Update; Lining Check

Things have been crazy-busy the last couple of weeks.  The house closed and we are constantly getting deliveries of the new furniture, as well as slowly moving all the smaller things over from our current place.  We love the house.


I also had my lining check today in anticipation of the embryo transfer next week.  My lining was 11mm, and looked perfect.  I am waiting on an email from my nurse to tell me when to start PIO and what day/time the transfer will be next week.   I do know it is either Tuesday or Wednesday.

School is going well.  Kids are doing well.  Time is flying by.  I ordered my graduation announcements and regalia yesterday.  It is so close!