PIO and Nightmares!

Just a quick update on my upcoming FET.  I started PIO shots and Prometrium (taken vaginally) at 12:45 am Saturday morning.  I was able to move them back by an hour each day until I got to my normal bedtime around 10:45 pm.  My acupuncturist told me that the balloon-like swelling and joint pain I was having was likely due to the Lupron, which I stopped on Friday the 9th, and that the progesterone would help with that.  It did.  Lower extremity swelling is almost gone, but starting that first dose I have had the weirdest, most vivid, usually nightmare, dreams!  It’s flat-out crazy how crazy these dreams are!!  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  My joint pain is lessening every day,  and the highly emotional state I was in is abating a little bit.  I am trying to not get my hopes up too high for this transfer.  The let-down when it doesn’t work is so hard.  I’m taking Thursday off, (as is Scotty) so I will have a full 5 days to recover and take it easy after the transfer.  Mostly I’ll be putting things away at the new house.  Don’t worry, no lifting for me!

I got the last few things gathered today to be able to complete and submit my bar application this week.  I’m excited and more than a little scared!  We also got some real progress made on the move this past weekend.  Things are slowly, but surely, coming together.



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