Heart Rate 119 bpm.

All went well today. Sonography tech told us everything looks great. Nurse said I can slowly increase my activity, but to keep it light. Pelvic rest lasts one full week after a bleed, so until Sunday as long as I don’t have another episode.

I ordered a rolling briefcase because my textbooks weigh close to 40 lbs. I have 60 days until graduation.

Just 2 weeks until the last milestone ultrasound and 3 weeks until I graduate to regular OB care.

I’m annoyed that the medical community steals joy. Of course anything can happen. Why should that stop us from celebrating and being happy and thankful for today? Today the baby was healthy. Today the baby was on target. Today I am pregnant. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. A freak accident. Random heart attack. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so why allow them to damper or steal my joy for what I have RIGHT NOW?

I’m working on that.

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