We had our 8 week 5 day ultrasound this morning. Baby measured 8 weeks 3 days with no heart beat. We knew it was possible. We know the 1st trimester statistics. We knew the unexplained bleeding was not a good sign. And I had a feeling of impending doom all along. Sometimes we just know. Our bodies tell us somehow.

I opted for the D&C, which is scheduled for Friday morning. We will take time to let my body and our hearts heal, then we will try again. There’s nothing wrong with me. Sometimes even screened embryos arrest. They dint know why. We are not having any testing done on him/her. These things just happen and they actually happen often. We both had all the recurrent pregnancy loss testing done prior to starting this journey 2 years ago. At least o know I’m not broken.

Just heartbroken.

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