Completely plastic-free!

I spent today finishing up my outline for UCC Secured Transactions, mopping floors, and updating my to-do lists.  One of the big things I started last year when overhauling my environment and diet was to completely rid our home of plastic food storage.  Today, I can say that is finally complete.  Next up is replacing plastic wrap and plastic storage bags with reusable beeswax cloths.  The featured picture is a set of adorable ceramic bowls I added to my glass food storage collection.  I got them from Amazon.  They have a silicone ring around the bamboo lid to seal them up.  I wouldn’t turn them upside down or anything like I can with my pyrex bowls with plastic snap lids (I still consider them plastic free since food doesn’t touch the lids and I don’t reheat anything with the lids on).

I also have odds and ends of the old Corelle baking and storage dishes from mine and Scott’s childhoods with lids.  My mother-in-law has a white set that they got for a wedding gift, still in the box, that she gave to me as well.  Why did I do away with all the plastic in my house?  Well, mostly because we spend a metric fuckton of money for IVF treatments and if there is even the tiniest chance that the chemicals leeching from the plastic in our home is disrupting my oh-so-volatile hormones, I’m all for eliminating it.  Also, both my daughters got their periods at 8  years old.  Yes.  8 years old.  Their pediatrician said it was within “normal.”  What? So, after reading up a bit, I decided to eliminate plastic as well as any food products treated with added hormones.  It might not actually help; the science is suggestive, not causal.  However, it doesn’t hurt to use more sustainable materials.

I’ve been feeling sluggish and having a difficult time waking up in the mornings.  I’m hoping it’s my hormones getting back to normal from the pregnancy and miscarriage.  I would like to get back into the habit of cooking breakfast for my family now that I do not have to spend my days at the law school.  I bought a hydrangea to plant in the back yard by the gazebo.  I am slowly, but surely, finding  myself as a mom and wife again after the intensity of law school.  I know my people are proud of me, but I cannot help but feel like I somehow cheated them out of the best of me for three years.  Here’s hoping it pays off.


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