My BhCG Levels are Finally Zero. My last Class of Law School. Old Fashioned Goulash, and Our Next FET.

Today’s blood test showed my bhCG levels were finally zero.  My period has started and I start back on birth control pills this Sunday.  I finally feel like the miscarriage is over and we can start looking forward to our next cycle.  My protocol hasn’t changed.  I will stay on oral birth control until about 6-8 weeks before the next transfer in August.  We are in queue to have embryos created already, and my next SiS (Saline Sonogram) and blood work-up is in June.  Hopefully, my uterine cavity is still clear and we will be good to go without more surgery to remove polyps.

My period is pretty sluggish and light, as it was prior to this pregnancy.  I am hoping this means that all the years of heavy bleeds were from having polyps.  I cannot complain.

I am officially done with law school classes.  I have 5 finals, then graduation on the 12th.  I am so looking forward to seeing my mom!  She’s coming for a whole week!!  It’s the first time in my life that I have had a home big enough to house all my kids in their own rooms AND have a spare guest room.  This will only last until we have another child.  Kids will then have to start bunking up when we have company again.  Or one may actually move out – not likely in this economy.  I expect we will have a house full of kids ranging from 20’s to toddlers in a few years.  I will love every minute of it.

I have semi-started cleaning my diet up since the miscarriage.  I allowed myself to eat whatever floated my boat in my misery.  Back to organic, no added hormones or preservatives diet for us.  I will have to give up the diet coke after finals.  I imagine I will feel better again once I start eating better again.  I also started going back to acupuncture.  For now, we are focused on getting my hormones back in line.  I will go once a month until six weeks before the next transfer, then I go once a week.30850025_10212907616018643_1984478643_o

Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of my Facebook feed!  I saw a recipe video for Old Fashioned Goulash, which I have not made or had in years.  Here is the link to the recipe from My Incredible Recipes.  The changes I made were to use grass-fed beef; organic produce; organic tomato sauce and diced tomatoes; high fiber elbows; paprika instead of Adobo; organic beef broth.  I substituted the entire box of broth for the water/broth mixture the recipe calls for.  One box is equal in volume to the liquid in the recipe.  I normally shred my own cheeses off blocks, but I am not quite that “back on the wagon” yet.  Baby steps are better than no steps!!  Any positive change is a step in the right direction.



Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats and Rooibos Tea

I head back to my final semester of law school tomorrow morning.  I leave the house about 6:30 am and leave campus at 7:30 pm on Monday and Wednesdays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave campus at 4:00 pm.  I pack my breakfast and lunch all four days.  This morning, I tried a new oatmeal recipe in the Instant Pot.  The family loved it!  I will be taking the leftovers (if there are any) for breakfast this week.  It was also day one of no coffee (Folks, I live in Seattle.  Not drinking coffee is so hard when  you can smell it EVERYWHERE).  I had a Celestial Seasonings Rooibos tea, Madagascar Vanilla flavored.  It was good.  It wasn’t coffee.  The things we do to get pregnant…

Here is a link to the recipe I used for the oatmeal.  I topped mine with a bit of Kerrygold butter, a drizzle of heavy cream, and stevia.  Middle topped hers with brown sugar.  Scott put milk in his.  Eldest didn’t want any and Youngest is still sound asleep.

Spiced Apple Steel Cut Oats

I have a load of homework to get through along with laundry, cooking, and everything else.  Planning on slow-roasting some beef for dinner with mashed potatoes.




Chicken Noodle Soup

Scott’s not feeling well, and Youngest has the sniffles.  Mom’s chicken noodle soup to the rescue!  As an aside, when I say we eat as clean as possible, I mean we avoid as much processed food as possible, eat organic produce whenever possible, grass fed free range hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy, and whole grains over white flour.  None of us are allergic to gluten.  No one is lactose intolerant.  We love full fat dairy.  We avoid sugar, but are realistic.  We try to get our sweets from fruit and natural sweeteners.  It’s not about losing weight or reducing calories for us.  It’s just about whole, natural food as much as possible.  Use whatever is right for you and yours. That being said, here is my recipe for chicken noodle soup.

Bone Broth (homemade if you have it, in a box if you don’t), Chicken Broth, celery, onion, garlic, carrots, chicken breast, salt, pepper, sage, turmeric, bay leaf, and some sort of pasta or rice.  Youngest doesn’t like whole grain pasta, so for this recipe I used the white fiber one that has a little more fiber than regular.  Sometimes life is about compromise 🙂 Don’t mind my Christmas decor, it’s coming down tomorrow!

I cut everything into tiny pieces.  I add some olive oil to a cast iron dutch oven over med-high heat and throw all the veggies in with the seasonings.  I let that cook a bit, then toss in the chicken.  Once the chicken starts to brown, and the veggies start to soften, I add in the bone broth and the chicken broth and let it come to a boil.  Once boiling, I add in the pasta and reduce the heat to low and let it simmer.  I was out of bay leaf tonight, so I left it out.

That’s it!  I let it cook until the pasta or rice is tender, then serve it up.  I always make a huge batch because it freezes well, and I take my lunch four days a week.

Avocado Lime Salad Dressing

I had a great break after my ERA biopsy.  I ate Christmas cookies and drank diet coke.  I used bagged shredded cheese (gasp).  I gave myself until the 13th of January to get my clean-eating act back together since that’s the day I begin Lupron for the start of my upcoming FET with our remaining embryo.  I’m trying to practice taking care of myself in a less unforgiving way.  I allow others so much more grace than I give myself.  I am trying to stick to the idea that I do not need to be perfect to reap the health benefits of all my lifestyle changes.  Even when I was “cheating” I still ate mainly whole, organic, hormone and preservative free foods.  But oh that Diet Coke…I know, I know.  Pure chemical and pure heaven.  La Croix and my Soda Stream are my go-to substitutes.

I had the above-pictured salad tonight.  I tried out a new recipe for salad dressing that I found on Pinterest, of course.  It was really simple to make.  I chucked all the ingredients into my Nutra Ninja and spooned it into glass jelly jars.  26613746_10212059452295080_1376034948_o

You can find the recipe on Pinterest by clicking the link below.  I think next time I will increase the amount of garlic, decrease the amount of yogurt, and maybe add more cilantro.