My BhCG Levels are Finally Zero. My last Class of Law School. Old Fashioned Goulash, and Our Next FET.

Today’s blood test showed my bhCG levels were finally zero.  My period has started and I start back on birth control pills this Sunday.  I finally feel like the miscarriage is over and we can start looking forward to our next cycle.  My protocol hasn’t changed.  I will stay on oral birth control until about 6-8 weeks before the next transfer in August.  We are in queue to have embryos created already, and my next SiS (Saline Sonogram) and blood work-up is in June.  Hopefully, my uterine cavity is still clear and we will be good to go without more surgery to remove polyps.

My period is pretty sluggish and light, as it was prior to this pregnancy.  I am hoping this means that all the years of heavy bleeds were from having polyps.  I cannot complain.

I am officially done with law school classes.  I have 5 finals, then graduation on the 12th.  I am so looking forward to seeing my mom!  She’s coming for a whole week!!  It’s the first time in my life that I have had a home big enough to house all my kids in their own rooms AND have a spare guest room.  This will only last until we have another child.  Kids will then have to start bunking up when we have company again.  Or one may actually move out – not likely in this economy.  I expect we will have a house full of kids ranging from 20’s to toddlers in a few years.  I will love every minute of it.

I have semi-started cleaning my diet up since the miscarriage.  I allowed myself to eat whatever floated my boat in my misery.  Back to organic, no added hormones or preservatives diet for us.  I will have to give up the diet coke after finals.  I imagine I will feel better again once I start eating better again.  I also started going back to acupuncture.  For now, we are focused on getting my hormones back in line.  I will go once a month until six weeks before the next transfer, then I go once a week.30850025_10212907616018643_1984478643_o

Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of my Facebook feed!  I saw a recipe video for Old Fashioned Goulash, which I have not made or had in years.  Here is the link to the recipe from My Incredible Recipes.  The changes I made were to use grass-fed beef; organic produce; organic tomato sauce and diced tomatoes; high fiber elbows; paprika instead of Adobo; organic beef broth.  I substituted the entire box of broth for the water/broth mixture the recipe calls for.  One box is equal in volume to the liquid in the recipe.  I normally shred my own cheeses off blocks, but I am not quite that “back on the wagon” yet.  Baby steps are better than no steps!!  Any positive change is a step in the right direction.



PIO and Nightmares!

Just a quick update on my upcoming FET.  I started PIO shots and Prometrium (taken vaginally) at 12:45 am Saturday morning.  I was able to move them back by an hour each day until I got to my normal bedtime around 10:45 pm.  My acupuncturist told me that the balloon-like swelling and joint pain I was having was likely due to the Lupron, which I stopped on Friday the 9th, and that the progesterone would help with that.  It did.  Lower extremity swelling is almost gone, but starting that first dose I have had the weirdest, most vivid, usually nightmare, dreams!  It’s flat-out crazy how crazy these dreams are!!  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  My joint pain is lessening every day,  and the highly emotional state I was in is abating a little bit.  I am trying to not get my hopes up too high for this transfer.  The let-down when it doesn’t work is so hard.  I’m taking Thursday off, (as is Scotty) so I will have a full 5 days to recover and take it easy after the transfer.  Mostly I’ll be putting things away at the new house.  Don’t worry, no lifting for me!

I got the last few things gathered today to be able to complete and submit my bar application this week.  I’m excited and more than a little scared!  We also got some real progress made on the move this past weekend.  Things are slowly, but surely, coming together.



I think I can, I think I can…

My Mondays and Wednesdays are 12  hour days at school/work.  I am wiped OUT.  I am already buried in work, trying to schedule out how to keep up and still be available for my family and keep my stress levels low (yeah right) for FET.  I did take frequent breaks and walked around, stretched, breathed today, but I can feel the stress creeping in.

I emailed my nurse to ask about the continued spotting, and was once again reassured that it’s completely normal and not anything to worry about in back-to-back medicated cycles.  She also said they would absolutely not transfer our last embryo unless everything looks perfect; try not to lawyer-brain everything.  I love our fertility clinic.

Tomorrow, I have 3 classes and work 2 hours.  I go in as usual at 7 and get out at 3:45.  I’m thinking I need to schedule massages on Thursday nights to go along with my Friday acupuncture.

This mama is going to go snuggle up with her husband and pass out.  Tomorrow is a new day.